Planning & Practicing
for Life after sports

For High School + College Athletes

Program Overview


During the first week of our WoP (Weeks of Progress) Program the student-athletes will learn more about themselves while exploring their future careers.


It's important that the student-athletes not only discover what their Option 2 is but also to create an efficient and realistic plan that'll help them accomplish their goals.


After they have established a strategy, we will teach them the importance of etiquette, personal branding and public speaking. They will need a good image in order to gain the opportunities necessary for a great career.


Student-athletes will be given the opportunity to network with real professionals through corporate events and golfing. We will also help them enhance their knowledge on financial literacy.

As a former recreational football player, I think Option 2 organization is phenomenal! Growing up, I had high hopes of being a football star, but was always told that I should have a "Plan B." I was never assisted in finding that "Plan B" nor was I offered the tools to actually find it myself. Option 2 does just that! I couldn't have thought of a better solution to a nationwide issue for most young athletes.

Donation Transparency

Trust is the foundation of every great relationship. Trust is built with open honest and transparent communication.

Out of every dollar:

10 cents will go towards raising awareness through marketing.

80 cents will go to running Option 2 Programs including WoP (Weeks of Progress), SALA (Student-Athlete Leadership Academy) and the Option 2 Mobile App. It will also cover scholarships, field trips and student-athlete participation materials.

10 cents will go to the team members that help make all the programs run.